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Stately, with unsurpassed Lagoon & Reef views & situated RIGHT ON THE WATER, this amazing architecturally designed 55-seat waterfront bar & restaurant, with separate private Dining pavilion gives guests the unique experience of dining while watching the surf breaking on the reef, right in front of you. Leave the Hustle & Bustle behind as sounds of the ocean conjure up the magic while our award winning Chef, cooks A la carte cuisine, from locally caught Seafood dishes to Western specialities. Seabreeze prides itself on quality food & outstanding customer service, if you would like something special or have delicate dietary needs, talk to one head chef & we will do our best to surprise you with a variety of our culinary delights.

Every night is a special occasion, but when the full moon dances across the lagoon all eyes are captured by the stunning beauty of this unique event.




With a firm focus on creating different Tastes & Dining experiences, take a stroll to the Resorts PIZZERIA! This traditionally built wood fire Pizzeria is situated in a small garden enclave, with a cliff backdrop and provides a setting for candlelit dining, featuring Mediterranean flavours with a pacific flair. Try our “Cbreeza special” with fresh local lobster on a thin & crispy base with sweet local banana, crispy bacon, mozzarella cheese & a hint of chili, another taste sensation balancing the flavours for your enjoyment?  Imagine the smell of genuine wood fire Breads & Pizza, flowing through the resort, The Cbreeza Pizzeria is just another dining experience all within the seclusion of this small unique boutique property. The Pizzeria is open Saturday and Sunday only.


samoan food

Get the unique experience of great Samoan Food…


Food & Wine Award Winner

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  1. Deborah Dove says:

    We are coming to Samoa for a Conference on 01 Feb and are looking for an alternative dining option for the evening of 02 Feb. Looking at your website it seems that it wouldn’t be able to accommodate our group of 90 pax for dinner but can you please advise if this is at all possible?

    Many thanks
    Aviation and Travel training Group

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Deborah

      Thanks for considering Seabreeze however we do not have the seating acapacity to cater for 90 pax, we have a max of 60pax.

      We hope that your conference in Samoa is an enjoyable one 🙂

      Alofas Wendy

  2. Dirk says:


    My partner has a range of dietary requirements (no gluten, dairy, maize/ corn). Do you cater for this?



    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Dirk

      Seabreeze had qualified Chefs that can cater for any dietary condition. We always have a variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, Tofu is often not available, but we usually find Fresh & light helps with conditions like your partners?

      On arrival will discuss this in more detail & if have some favourite dishes please give us a list & we will do our best to accommodate. We pride our self on great food & we look forward to sharing this experience with you:)

      Alofas Wendy

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hello Wendy,
    Hopefully you may remember meeting my partner Stewart and me when Sonny from tourism brought us there for lunch…last November. We are the people who were looking at Samoa for our Opera Festival…then the cyclone. However…we are back on track and in Oct 2014 will be holding the Festival there. We were impressed with your lunch and your property…(which we hope to visit ourselves one day when we get time!)and thought our clients would enjoy it too. Could you propose a two course menu and pricing for us to consider if we were to offer this as an optional activity to our clients? We would want only two choices of main and dessert and would notify pax and choices well in advance. (definitely fish as one!)We are very organised and would collect bookings and funds and transfer direct to you in AUD. (if that’s OK.)
    Finally, how many would you be comfortable feeding if they all arrive together. We are hoping to have over 100 at the Festival. They won’t all choose this option of course…but it will help if I know that 50 is OK…or 30..20. Obviously they won’t want to be kept waiting too long. They will be in Samoa for a staggering days may be possible too. OK ‘will wait to hear and we would be appreciative of your keenest price as our total package is getting up there. We’ve an older clientele so an Auckland stop-over was necessary…2 nights in fact! I recall you are a Kiwi? Stewart is from Auckland.
    Cheers for now,

    Jennifer PS We aim to produce a flyer which will have optional tours/activities on it..from which clients can choose. Some of the usual tours sound pretty boring…hence we are trying to concoct a few good ones!
    Many thanks Wendy.

  4. Anna says:

    Hi there, can you please post online or email me your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus so I can get a good idea of what meals you offer and the price.

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Anna

      Thanks for enquiring about our amazing food & our extensive menu, I have sent you our A La Carte, Pizzeria & Breakfast menu to give you an idea on how great our menu really is.

      Food is our specialty & we challenge our Chef to keep on surprising us, so as well as the menu’s I have sent there is a daily specials board that gives you even more choices 🙂

      Please ask as many questions as you would like, Food is a key component of any Holiday & one of Seabreezees main focuses 🙂

      Fa Wendy

  5. Kim Erikson says:

    Hi, we are planning to say at your resort for our honeymoon in October and I was just wondering if you are able to send through your menu so that we can decide if we want to pre-purchase meal deals or just pay as we go. Look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Kind Regards

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Kim

      Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, we look forward to making your Honeymoon a magical & amazing experience.

      I have emailed you our Menu’s we have A La Carte, Pizzeria (Saturdays & Sundays)and a range of exciting daily specials giving an extensive range of culinary delights.
      Please ask as many questions as you would like 🙂 We are here to exceed your expectations not meet them 🙂

      Fa from a warm & Sunny Day in Paradise Alofas Wendy

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi, we are booked to stay at your resort in September. I was just wondering if you are able to send through your menu so that we can decide if we want to pre-purchase meal deals or just pay as we go. Look forward to hearing from you shortly.
    Kind Regards

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Hi Amanda

      We have sent through the menu’s FYI. Our meal deals are great value & offer you a variety off an extensive menu of over 36 items. There is nothing worse than having a small menu that you can eat your way through in a couple of days. Chris & I have created a large A La Carte Menu on weekends we have wood Fire Pizzas & we also have daily specials.
      Looking forward to sharing our culinary cuisine with you 🙂

  7. Monty says:

    Talofa. Can you also send through your menu’s please, deciding on a short break and just want to eat sleep and swim, with the odd spa treatment

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Monty

      Seabreeze is the perfect choice for Sun, Sea & Sand & add award winning food. I have just sent through the menu’s for your perusal as well as our special meal plan. Our meal plan is a value added meal plan that incorporates breakfast Lunch & Dinner into one plan.
      Our menu’s change yearly in May 2015 so what we have sent is our current menu. If you are staying after May we will have some new & exciting alternatives for you:)
      Our Masseuse also offers a full range of Massage & facial treatments that can relax away the hours, relaxing weary muscles & enhancing wellbeing:)
      Let us know if we can assist you further? Alofas Wendy

  8. Diana says:

    We are coming to stay in May and am just trying to work out a daily budget for food etc. Is there an average for lunch and dinner meals? Also do you have a rental car available or would we need to get one from the main town. We don’t want one for the entire time just on the odd day. Any help gratefully recieved thanks

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Diana
      Great you are coming to stay at Seabreeze, we look forward to hosting you:)
      You might want to consider our Value added meal plan, this plan gives great flexibility off any of our extensive menu’s or daily specials, by purchasing a meal plan you have the confidence that meals are taken care of all for $56.00 NZD per person per day.
      Seabreeze is a licenced LTA, authority & we can issue temporary licences on the spot, we have hire cars on site so you can hire for one or two days. When you arrive Chris will go through the map with you & you can make an informed decision based on what you would like to see & what you feel you require a car for. Tours are really a great choice too, we do customized 8 hour tours that are both culturally informative and gives you an insight into the lifestyle & history of our great nation
      Looking forward to meeting you. Alofas Wendy

  9. Dori says:

    Talofa Wendy,

    I am turning 21 in April this year and will be spending my birthday in Samoa. My family and I are looking for a Restaurant to Dine on the night of my birthday. Could you please send me your menu and prices via email? and also is it possible to not stay the night but simply Dine?
    I look forward to your reply,

    Kind Regards,

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Dori

      21 what an amazing age 🙂 Seabreeze Restaurant is open to the public but for larger parties pre booking is essential. With over 36 items on the menu & the weekends wood fire Pizza oven we have a large variety of choices Or we can customize a menu that will suit your needs!

      Seabreeze is renowned for its food & we are currently developing a whole new menu with some interesting mixes which will be launched MID June.

      I have sent you our current menu’s enjoy looking through them, we hope we tantalize your taste buds:)
      Alofas Wendy

  10. Gina Ashwell-Masila says:

    Hi There

    We are considering coming to Samoa for a family wedding. Could I please have menu examples and costing for the normal day to day dining, and also any further options for wedding receptions.

    Warm Regards

    • Seabreeze Resort Samoa says:

      Talofa Gina

      Thanks for considering Seabreeze for your very important special day! Unfortunately Seabreeze is a very small property and we are not just a venue for weddings. To Facilitate a wedding of 10 guests or more we require the entire resort to be booked out by the wedding party. All 11 Villas for a minimum 5 nights stay.

      Whilst the experience of an exclusive buy out is amazing it is not always within the budget!

      Please contact us direct on bookings if you require more information on our Exclusive buyout packages.

      Alofas from Sunny Samoa